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Working from home, remote-first, asynchronous work. There are many ways to describe our new way of professional life. Much has been explored from an employees point of view, but how do leaders and managers deal with the new situation? We have a look at the challenges and needs of software engineering leadership.

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The Shift: Working from Home

Atlassian announced they are going all in on working from home. Similarly, many tech companies are here to shift to a much more remote-first or asynchronous working style permanently. This includes industry giants such as Netflix, AWS or Google [1].

While working from home has got its advantages…

Embedded World continues to be the largest embedded conference and exhibition globally. We are delighted that we are invited again to present at this forum.

This year we will be jointly presenting with Synopsys, a leading driver in the automotive EDA and software space. We are looking forward to offer insights from Dr Dennis Oka, Principal Automotive Security Strategist at Synopsys, together with Dr Ralf Huuck, CEO of Logilica.

We will be focusing on the AUTOSAR and MISRA compliance and tooling processes used in the automotive, avionics and wider safety critical space. These standards can be overwhelming and it is…

We are delighted to being invited again to Germany’s leading embedded software conference the ESE Kongress.

We will be focusing on the MISRA language standard as commonly used in the automotive, avionics and wider safety critical space and educate about the importance of MISRA Compliance as defined in 2020.

MISRA can be overwhelming for new projects and it is essential to understand the constraints as well as the freedoms regarding MISRA compliance. We will help you planning your MISRA mission and enable you moving from a potential state of panic to a strategy and to a roadmap towards compliance. …

Are you planning moving to data-driven software management to keep on top of your quality assurance status, your security findings and development velocity? Thinking about building it yourself using Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana or maybe just using your Splunk instance for this? Read more to find out why this may or may not be a good idea.

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The Need to Manage Software Lifecycle Data

We are again and again seeing the challenge in software developing organisations to keep track and stay on top of the different tools and processes within the software lifecycle. Managing many engineering teams who are using a range of DevOps tools is not…

Leading software organisations with data-driven insights? Sure! Bring it on! But how? And where to get the right data from? Learn how to unlock your software engineering teams treasure trove of data for better decisions making.

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Good Data Leads to Better Decisions.

We at Logilica believe it is easy to get behind the idea of data-driven decision making in the software engineering world. We all like to understand if our teams are happily chucking along at high velocity, if code quality and potential security risk are well under control and, overall, if our DevOps delivery pipeline is running like a smooth assembly line.

“The great thing…


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